Policies of Southern WV Wholesale

We have a no refund policy on all items offered on or off our website. Meaning when you receive your items and you are not happy we will not refund you instead we can offer an exchange but all shipping is to be covered by the customer.

In the event you are absolutely not happy and do not want an exchange or we can not offer an exchange you can send back the items to us and we will then offer a refund after the items are received. In order to do this items must be unused and you must get in contact with us within two days after you receive your items.
(if the items are sent back and we can prove they were used you will not get a refund)

No cancellations accepted unless it is a duplicate item and it is proven to be so. 
Deposits are also non refundable unless stated otherwise.
We are also not responsible for any damaged or lost items due to the mail. If your item is lost we will do all we can to replace the item and file a claim.
We are not responsible for damages caused by the misuse of our products.

We do accept exchanges but to receive one the following steps must be followed as stated:
To receive an exchange all items must be sent back in original packaging and not damaged. These items must be sent back within 2 days after marked delivered on your tracking number. If it is delivered on a Saturday you have till Tuesday to mail it out and provide the tracking number to me. Buyer is responsible for return shipping cost. You must also get in contact with me before you try to send something back for a return.

All products must be paid in full before they are made, we also do not hold any items if payment is not received. If you claim something then don’t pay or pick up and it happens twice with you, Southern WV Wholesale will no longer do business with you.

During holidays and scheduled days off orders may take longer to process.

Scheduled days off are weekends, holidays and any other days stated that are scheduled to be off.

Orders could take up to 15 working days to complete. Please extend an additional 5 business days during holidays and sales. If we have to order any products during this time frame you will add an additional 5 business days to your order. This means your item(s) will be mailed out after completed.

Chargebacks and claims- if you submit a chargeback or claim against Southern WV Wholesale you will immediately be removed from all social media accounts of Southern WV Wholesale and blocked from viewing our website. All current orders you have with us will be cancelled and any future orders will be denied. 

If in the event of a large sale and we can not fulfill an item you ordered we will refund that item and we may not contact you to offer a replacement. If this happens to you then you can order that item(s) again when it becomes available again. If you have any questions then you can email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Disclaimer: Each mold is handmade, therefore slight imperfections might be noticeable, but will not affect the final product (freshie). Some of these slight imperfections could include but not limited to air bubbles and 3D print lines. Each mold is also made to order so they are all hand poured when an order is placed unless we have ready stock. Molds may not be the same color as pictured.

data we collect- 

contact information: phone number, email, address, name, business name and any other information you provide Southern WV Wholesale

Customers email, phone number and name will only be used for promotional messages only. All information will only be shared with Southern WV Wholesale and staff. No one else will obtain your information. 


Molds are not to be baked over 350 degrees (Fahrenheit). DO NOT leave molds unattended in your oven. Do not bake molds for more than 20 minutes. Leave your mold in a cool, dry area away from sunlight. If you are stacking your molds on a shelf please place a piece of tissue paper or any form of barrier in between molds. For best care of molds wash them with warm soapy water after every 5-8 uses, shake off excess water then let air dry for 24 hours then place in a bag and store however is desired. 


Keep unused aroma beads in the original packaging sealed completely. Keep out of warm areas. Do not place in direct sunlight. For best care keep unused aroma beads in a climate controlled area, away from children, out of direct sunlight.